Publication Prix de Rome 2015

During the opening of the exhibition of the Prix de Rome 2015 on the 20th of November, the accompanying publication was presented about the work of the nominated artists: Foundland (Lauren Alexander en Ghalia Elsrakbi), Hedwig Houben, Christian Nyampeta en Magali Reus.

The publication contains an introductory essay ‘Visual Art as Conjecture’ by curator and writer Lucette ter Borg. Texts on the work that Foundland and Magali Reus created for the Prix de Rome, are written by Richtje Reinsma. Laure van den Hout wrote about Christian Nyampeta and Hedwig Houben. Richtje Reinsma and Laure van den Hout were nominated for the Young Art Critic’s Prize, after which they were invited to contribute to the publication of the Prix de Rome 2015. Prix de Rome scouts Binna Choi, Roos Gortzak, René Bosma and Katja Diallo each wrote a short text on the artist(s) they nominated.

The foreword is written by Birgit Donker (director Mondriaan Fund) and an essay on the history of the Prix de Rome by Mirjam Beerman (coordinator Prix de Rome).

Publication Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2015
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Lesley Moore

Mirjam Beerman, Lucette ter Borg, René Bosma, Binna Choi, Katja Diallo, Birgit Donker, Roos Gortzak, Laure van den Hout, Richtje Reinsma

Mirjam Beerman, Barbera van Kooij, Marijn Veenhuijzen
Els Brinkman, D’Laine Camp (text editors)