Hedwig Houben, Personal Matters and Public Affairs, 2015 (filmstill)

Solo exhibition Hedwig Houben in Bristol

Hedwig Houben, nominated in 2015 for the Prix de Rome Visual Arts, presents her work from 1 October to 11 December 2016  at the Spike Island art centre in Bristol. Her first solo exhibition in the UK includes a number of key works made over the last five years, encompassing film, performance, sculpture and text. Part of the exhibition is the work she made for the Prix de Rome presentation at de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam.

Personal Matters and Public Affairs examines the position and status of the independent thing/individual when they are removed from their private space. Represented as a portrait titled ‘I’, the individual/thing enters the public domain where it is confronted with ‘The Other’. ‘The Other’, in this case, takes the shape of a car in a 1 to 1 scale model made of plasticine (clay). Who is ‘I’? And what role does ‘The Other’ play in defining ‘I’?During the exhibition different people will take the role of performer, and will modify ‘The Other’. During the opening of the exhibition at 30 September Hedwig Houben will take on the role of performer herself.