Public events Esiri Erheriene-Essi, Femke Herregraven en Rory Pilgrim

Linked to the Prix de Rome exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the museum will organize several public events with the four nominated artists. It concerns a workshop by Esiri Erheriene-Essi and gallery talks by Femke Herregraven and Rory Pilgrim.

Create it with Esiri Eheriene-Essi (workshop)
14 Feb 2020, 7 pm until 9.30 pm
Esiri Erheriene-Essi uses the Xerox transfer as a graphic technique for the backgrounds of her paintings and more. This workshop, led by Erheriene-Essi and adhering to her style, offers the opportunity to start learning this technique yourself.
Esiri Erheriene-Essi creates figurative paintings about everyday scenes that offer implicit commentary about our society and history. For the Prix de Rome she is making a new series of paintings, entitled The Inheritance (or Familiar Strangers). Erheriene-Essi places ordinary moments in the lives of black people in the spotlight. The result is a series of paintings that everyone can connect with, encouraging us to think about the lives of the people who are depicted and the historical events they may have witnessed.

26 Feb 2020, 4 pm until 5 pm
Gallery Talk Femke Herregraven
Femke Herregraven focuses in her work on the consequences of abstract value systems for historiography and individual lives. This research forms a basis for the imagination of new characters, stories, and objects. With Diving Reflex (Because We Learned Not to Drown, We Can Sing), the work she developed for the Prix de Rome 2019, the artist continues her investigation into the “catastrophe.” Catastrophe bonds, called “cat bonds,” play a central role in the work. Using the fictionalized characters of “The Last Man” and Elaine Morgan, Herregraven speculates about survival strategies. In doing so, she uses our natural diving reflex as a conceptual tool to explore the meanings of catastrophe.

20 Mar 2020, 4 pm until 5 pm
Gallery Talk ROry Pilgrim (winner)
Rory Pilgrim (1988) works with a wide spectrum of media, including sound, song lyrics, film, music, video, drawings, and performances. For the Prix de Rome 2019 he created a new video and sound artwork, entitled The Undercurrent. With this work Pilgrim investigates the loss and violence entailed by the ecological crisis on a personal level, in order to better grasp what it means to live in times of crisis. The recordings were made in Boise, Idaho (US), during workshops Pilgrim organized with young climate activists and with a homeless community.

Language: English
Price: Museum ticket + €3. Tickets soon online via Stedelijk Museum.

The gallery talk with the nominated duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen already took place in November.

The exhibition Prix de Rome 2019 is on show untill 22 March 2020 at Stedelijk Museum.