Open Call Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2021 (CLOSED)

The new round of the Prix de Rome Visual Arts just started. Visual artists could apply themselves until 15 February (till midnight, 12 am).

Before applying, please check below if you meet the formal conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us via prixderome[at] if you have any doubts about your eligibility.

How to apply
You can participate by sending us until 15 Feb (inclusive) one pdf with the following documents, written in English:

1) 1 page with a compact CV including date of birth, place of birth/nationality, education data, place of residence, your dates of employment as a visual artist, url of your website and an overview of exhibitions, assignments and other relevant activities.

2) 1 page with artist statement, artistic/intellectual principles of your work;

3) a digital portfolio of recent work (max 10 pages).
Please mention title, year, material, sizes and if necessary additional information of every work.
Arrange the images in a chronological order from past to present.
If necessary you can send any audio or video fragments, preferable via a link, otherwise separately via wetransfer.
The total size and duration of the presentation (images and separate video or audio fragments) should not exceed 300 MB and 15 minutes duration. Please, only use the following file formats: *.m4v, *.mp3, *.mov, *.flv, *jpg, *giv, *png, *tiff, *pdf, *.avi, *.mpg, *.mp4, *.mkv.

4) 1 page with a global working plan in which you describe the work you would like to make for the exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in case you will be shortlisted.

Please, number and save these 4 documents in 1 pdf in the above mentioned order and save the document as follows: surname_first name.pdf. Send the pdf via Wetransfer at prixderome[at]

Formal conditions
The Prix de Rome for the visual arts is open to practitioners of all disciplines of the visual arts as defined by the Mondriaan Fund. In addition, artists who want to apply need to satisfy the following requirements:

– no older than 40 at the time of the winner’s announcement.
(In 2021 this will be 3 December 2021 at the latest.)

– not attending a bachelor or master degree programme in visual arts.
(Artists participating in postacademic institutes like Rijksakademie, de Ateliers, de Jan van Eyck Academy, BAK or Sundaymorning@EKWC can apply for the Prix de Rome.)

– working as a professional artist for a minimum of one year.
(Participation in a postacademic or postgraduate programme is considered as professional practice.)

– substantively active and integrated in the Netherlands’ professional visual arts sector.
(For example: an artist who has been living and working in the Netherlands for some time, also after finishing education in the Netherlands, and who had exhibitions, assignments in the Netherlands for a couple of years, carried out projects in the Netherlands, teaches at a Dutch academy, et cetera.)

– In the case of a creative partnership, all members need to satisfy all of the above requirements.
(If not all members meet the conditions, a creative partnership can participate, but the possible nomination and/or prize will only be awarded to the artist who meets all the conditions. In that case the other members will be mentioned, but they cannot call themselves nominee or winner.)

An international jury will shortlist four nominees from the proposed artists who meet all formal conditions. All applications will subsequently be judged by the panel on the basis of the information which is submitted by the artist in the pdf. The information will be judged on the quality of the oeuvre so far. Is the work of the artist important for the contemporary visual arts in the Netherlands? Is the work a promise for the future? Important criteria are expressiveness, originality, the interrelation of the candidate’s artistic points of departure and how these principles are reflected in his or her work. Also the intrinsic quality and the feasibility of the proposed workplan will be judged.

The shortlist will be announced at the beginning of April 2021. The shortlisted artists will be invited to realize new work which will be presented in a group show at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (open from 13 November 2021). The shortlisted artists will receive a working budget for five months of a maximum of 17.250 euros (ex btw). A limited budget is available for presenting the work at the Stedelijk Museum.
During a second jury round, the jury will judge the new work in the beginning of November as presented in the Stedelijk Museum. A couple of weeks later the winner of the Prix de Rome 2021 will be announced. The winner will receive a 40.000 euros cash prize and a working period.